Green Urbane

Private Sector Advisory

Green Urbane provides exceptional infrastructure and PPP advisory services to mitigate challenges to enter into tenders for private sector bidders. Our services navigate you through the process and make you find your way through the complexities of commercial and funding structures. Our consultants provide top-notch services to foster long-lasting partnerships between the public and private sectors.

Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies

Quality is of utmost importance for us which is why we focus on preliminary feasibility studies for PPP and project advisory that enable us to develop a clear understanding of project viability by looking at financial performance, market standing, and model development. Detailed feasibility analysis is conducted once our clients show a willingness to move forward. By leveraging social impact analysis and risk assessment, we assess the practicality of your project to help you make an informed decision.

Bidding Support

Get an edge over your competitors with our superior bid support services that help you compile optimized and compliant bids. Our clients get end-to-end services during the process where we provide clarification, amendment, and negotiation support until the bid gets finalized and is awarded. Green Urbane’s consultants guide you through the pre and post-bid stages while ensuring you have the correct documentation every step of the way.

Fundraising & Support on M&A Deals Across All Sectors

Our vast network and market standing enable us to help our clients in the acquisition of existing infrastructure, real estate, and other corporate entities. The consultants at Green Urbane support clients in selecting and deploying the right strategies to meet business objectives. We aim to empower our clients and provide a disruption-free merger and acquisition experience.


Bidding Pricing Optimization

Worry no more about complex tender clauses that are hard to understand. Our expert team of consultants decodes everything and provides you with all the visible and hidden costs associated with a PPP project transaction to enable you to make a sound decision

We Empower Public and Private Sector Organizations through Cutting-edge Advisory Services.