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Who We Are

Green Urbane’s team consists of seasoned professionals with expertise in economic advisory, sustainability, and infrastructure Project Finance and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). Over the years, we have developed evidence-backed methodologies and have rigorously worked to improve them, providing value to our clients round the clock. Green Urbane takes pride in using cutting-edge tools and utilizing economic models that set them apart from competitors. Our approach to every project is simple; meticulous attention to detail and adding a personal touch. The secret to our success is the level of engagement we maintain throughout the process: we ensure to understand our clients’ demands and provide them with tailored solutions, designed to minimize risks and maximize the unique opportunities in their sector and business niche.

Our Strengths

Round the clock client-specialist communication

High-end competitive expertise

Value-added and result-oriented work.

Our Drives

Commitment to Clients’ financial success

Commitment to excellence and exceeding expectations

Support, guidance and a partnership, rooted in transparency and mutual respect

Our Operations

Our infrastructure advisory operations operate across the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. Additionally, we focus on European markets in M&A deal advisory.

Our Focus

Infrastructure and complex project development are our focus and to support this we offer capital raising solutions for projects which map onto our objectives and strategies abetted by economic sustainability and financial advisory expertise.

Team Members

Our Team

Managing Director
Mohamed Mneimne has an experience for over fifteen years in the transaction, financial and economic advisory. He has established himself as the Project Finance and PPP authority in the region. He was trusted with the role to lead advisory projects to the government and private entities which he successfully projected. In these projects, he navigated his clients from the business plan and strategy development stage to the tendering, commercial, and financial closure. His experience in PPP procurement methodologies has proven to be a resourceful tool in proactively identifying problems and finding solutions that would ensure the smooth running of the projects.
Gary Garner
Gary Garner is a commercial and financial advisor with over three decades of experience in advisory across sectors, including business and project feasibility, financing, valuation, and capital structuring. His experience in Public-Private Partnerships and Private Finance Initiatives owes to his career path in Australia and the Middle East, as well as through his commercial practice in Europe, Africa, and China. Prior to his commitment at Green Urbane, Gary held the position of an Executive Vice President at the renowned Dubai Airports Corporation, where he whetted his corporate expertise even more. His specialty lies in the market and commercial feasibility of investment and trade projects, with a more focused view on developing risk-based investment strategies. Furthermore, he has served as the leading advisor on private sector valuations, advisor on private sector valuations, infrastructure, and major large-scale real estate development projects. He has also worked with governments on policy issues, concerning corporatization and privatization programs in regard to his transaction advisory role.
Sandhya Prithesh
Senior Manager
With more than 15 years of experience in Public Private Partnerships (PPP), transaction advisory, infrastructure consulting, sector studies, policy development, and capacity building, Sandhya Prithesh Shet has established herself as a seasoned professional. Her academic journey includes earning a Bachelor of Laws from the prestigious Mangalore University in India, as well as obtaining a two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management with dual specializations in Finance and Human Resource Management from SDM-Institute for Management Development in Mysore, India. These academic qualifications have equipped her with a distinctive skill set for effectively managing transactions and PPPs.Throughout her career, Sandhya has collaborated with both government entities and private clients across diverse geographical regions, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations, namely Oman, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. She has successfully executed projects sponsored by prominent multilateral development banks and lending institutions, including the World Bank, ADB, UK-Aid, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GIZ, UNDP, among others. Over the years, her professional expertise has extended across various infrastructure sectors, encompassing transport, urban development (including water supply, municipal solid waste, and sanitation), tourism, logistics, healthcare, education, and information and communication technology (ICT).Currently, Sandhya is pursuing a Doctoral program in Sustainable Development and Diplomacy at Euclid University, recognized as an Intergovernmental Institution under the United Nations Treaty Series. Additionally, she is an active Ph.D. scholar in Management at ICFAI University in Jharkhand, India. Her academic research interests span a wide spectrum, focusing on areas such as sustainable development, sustainable tourism, circular economy, circular tourism, infrastructure development, and gender equity.
Carla Dleikan
Project Manager
Carla Dleikan completed her master’s degree in Engineering Management from the American University of Beirut. Carla conducted her research in the healthcare sector and published her first paper on simulation center design. Currently, she is a results-driven Project Manager at Green Urbane with a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes in the dynamic landscape of management consultancy. Equipped with 5 years of hands-on experience, she excels in planning, time and resource management, problem-solving and advising on complex projects that drive organizational growth and transformation. Project experience includes Public-Private Partnership (PPP) advisory in various social infrastructure sectors i.e. education and healthcare, waste management, and information technology. Also, provided economic advisory services to the private sector in Africa. She advised government entities in the GCC region and mainly in the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman. Managed one of the big PPP infrastructure projects in Oman, the first package of school buildings through a PPP framework. She has strong experience in project management, planning and coordination, market analysis, conducting feasibility studies, and preparing proposals and procurement documentations. Her adeptness at fostering stakeholder relationships, and leading cross-functional teams makes her an asset in achieving clients' strategic objectives.
Dr. Pierre Al-Khoury
Board member and Subject matter Expert (Ph.D. economics)
Dr. Pierre Al-Khoury is a senior academician and current Vice President for Development, as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Insurance at the Lebanese University. He has 3 decades worth of experience in areas such as administrative functions, education management, research and development, business generation, and management consultancy to name a few, across numerous organizational domains such as banking, finance, public sector, trade, and consultancy. He is multicultural and can immerse himself in diverse cultural and ethnic groups. He has published 40 scientific papers in internally recognized journals and has published 4 books in collaboration with international publishers. These primarily focus on business, economics, and education management.
Eman Batlouni
Eman Batlouni is currently working as a Manager at Green Urbane. She has completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the reputed Rafik Hariri University and also holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering. It is this interesting combination of civil engineering and business administration that enables her to grasp the specific needs of infrastructure development. Her professional experience involves working in consulting on a variety of projects in the infrastructure sector ranging from education, healthcare, energy, information technology, urban revitalization, social accommodation, and solid waste management in the GCC region. Over the last few years, she has developed a keen understanding and working knowledge of the development of projects under public-private partnership framework. She specializes in carrying out in-depth market research, data analysis, sector analysis, pre-feasibility, and feasibility study reports. Eman’s proficiency in both Arabic and English languages enables her to effectively communicate with the client and stakeholders in the GCC region, contributing to seamless project delivery. She is an excellent team player, and very meticulous in her tasks. Her creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and attention to detail add value to every deliverable that she works on. She is an enthusiastic learner and keeps the team in high spirits.

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