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Financial Modeling and Project Finance

Project Finance & Infrastructure Advisory Firm Dubai, UAE

Green Urbane is a leading project finance and infrastructure advisory firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We offer a comprehensive range of services in project finance and infrastructure advisory services for all sectors in the UAE. We have a deep understanding of the needs of both the public and private sectors and offer top-notch advisory services that benefit both parties. Our extensive experience in the field ensures that we are able to provide our clients with the most efficient & full range of advisory services, from bid and tender preparation to deal realization. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients receive the best possible value for money, creating value for our clients, and helping them realize their project goals.

Financial Modeling and Project Finance

Our highly experienced consultants are well-versed in financial modeling and can convert commercial gibberish into insightful financial analysis for you to make an informed decision. We take pride in empowering our clients by enabling them to understand the viability of their projects. Green Urbane uses tried and tested techniques for risk modeling and developing solutions that ultimately help with tender documentation and contracts.

Financial Modeling

Consultants at Green Urbane enable businesses to make the right investment decisions by leveraging financial modeling with the aid of sophisticated tools. Based on international best practices, our strategies help businesses to align with the requirements of reputed multilateral entities like the World Bank to grow and develop beyond borders.

Market Sounding

Government procurers need to understand the market dynamics to create a competitive bidding environment that can result in the best technical and commercial outcomes, thus an excellent value for money opportunity for the government client. This exercise is essential as it helps clients gauge the feasibility of their PPP project. Our consultants help the clients learn about the market appetite of the potential project, thus resulting in early structuring that minimizes bidding risks in later stages of the project.

Risk Assessment and Modeling

To flourish in an ever-changing economic and social landscape, we help our clients in evaluating risks and uncertainties and prepare them for potential threats. Our modeling helps our clients assess the monetary impact of deciding to transfer certain risks to the private sector, as suboptimal risk allocation results in expensive bids, or the worse case, no bidding. Our insights can help you mitigate the risks on time to maintain a competitive edge in the market while avoiding potential costs associated with the risks.

Value for Money Analysis

Get valuable insights regarding the effectiveness of your proposed PPP through our Value for Money analysis. Worry no more about making the wrong decision and pick the right fit based on the information provided by our consultants.

Shadow Bid Development

Our Shadow Bid Development service is based on intensive research that helps organizations identify the budget, project capital projections, capital at hand, funding options, and project viability to ensure successful PPP implementation.

We Empower Public and Private Sector Organizations through Cutting-edge Advisory Services.