Green Urbane

Sector Expertise

Social Infrastructure – Education

Green Urbane is taking the lead in advisory in the Education sector, after the completion of numerous successful projects. Currently, our team is advising and assisting five major PPP Education projects. The total net value of these projects exceeds one billion USD, making it the first PPP program of such an impressive scale in the MENA region.

Social Infrastructure – Housing

Our team takes pride in leveraging from unparalleled expertise in housing development and various other social infrastructures. Our work ranges from advising a variety of different projects under the PPP structures to assisting in bidding consortia submit optimized bids. Our notable partners and clients include the government of the UAE. Moreover, Green Our team has extensive experience working on Social Infrastructure projects, one of which was the First social housing PPP project in the region, in Bahrain in 2011, whereby experts of our team had the opportunity to participate and work on.


In this segment, our expertise includes port, road, and airport project advisory throughout the Middle East and Africa. We have assisted numerous public and private entities through our advisory services alongside, we have polished our methodology to bring forth unparalleled skills in business plan preparation and PPP tendering management.

Hazardous Waste

Members of Green Urbane’s team have extensive experience in this sector through their participation in providing advisory services on several hazardous waste management projects that aimed to develop effective environmentally sustainable hazardous waste management systems. One of which was the largest-scale hazardous waste management project ever undertaken in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Waste-Water Treatment

We offer specialized wastewater treatment advisory, alongside hazardous waste consultancy. Our team leverages unparalleled experience in three major wastewater treatment plants, including the largest one in the region: the waste-water treatment facility in Egypt, with a capacity of over 1.6 million cubic meters per day.

Waste Management

Owing to our years of experience in the sector, we are considered to be one of the leading financial advisors for general waste management in the Middle East . We take pride in investing in major waste management projects in MENA and successfully advising the closure of the ten big-league waste management transactions. Our portfolio consists of various government entities, sovereign wealth funds, and some of the largest waste management industry players in the region.

District Cooling

This service is regarded to be our bespoke service as we have advised real estate and district cooling developers in over half a dozen advisory transactions, consisting of approximately over a hundred thousand RT capacity in just the last decade.

We Empower Public and Private Sector Organizations through Cutting-edge Advisory Services.