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Public Sector Advisory

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

Our PPP and project advisory services are based on preliminary feasibility studies that enable us to develop a clear understanding of project viability by looking at financial performance, market standing, and model development. Detailed feasibility analysis is conducted once our clients show a willingness to move forward. By leveraging social impact analysis and risk assessment, we assess the practicality of your project to help you make an informed decision.

Financial Analysis of Options

Our panel of consultants helps businesses find the right fit by conducting in-depth financial analysis. We aim to empower our clients by providing valuable insights to help them make sound decisions to meet financial, economic, and technical objectives.

Market Sounding

Understand the market dynamics and indulge in competitive analysis for both the banks and the contractors. This helps our government clients learn about the market appetite of their potential project

Financial Modeling

Consultants at Green Urbane enable businesses to make the right investment decisions by leveraging financial modeling with the aid of sophisticated tools. Based on international best practices, our strategies help businesses to align with the requirements of reputed multilateral entities like the World Bank to grow and develop beyond borders.

Risk Assessment & Modeling

To flourish in an ever-changing economic and social landscape, we help our clients in evaluating risks and uncertainties and prepare them for potential threats. Our insights can help our clients mitigate the risks promptly to maintain a competitive edge in the market while avoiding potential costs associated with the risks.

Value for Money Analysis

Get valuable insights regarding the effectiveness of your proposed PPP through our Value for Money analysis. Worry no more about making the wrong decision and pick the right fit based on the information provided by our consultants.

Shadow Bid Development

Our Shadow Bid Development service is based on intensive research that helps government entities identify the budget, project capital projections, capital at hand, funding options, and project viability to ensure successful PPP implementation.

Preparation of Feasibility Studies

Our consultants document the viability of a project from the start to the finish line based on complete lifecycle modeling. Get an end-to-end feasibility analysis of the project encompassing its economic, legal, and financial aspects while realizing the risks and proposing solutions to overcome commercial and financial complexities.

Social Impact Analysis

At the heart of our value-added services lies our commitment to deliver insightful information regarding sensitive business matters to help organizations achieve their desired goals. A subset of a much bigger Total Value Analysis, our meticulous social impact analysis assists our clients with the identification of risk mitigation factors to enable them to achieve an optimal trade-off.

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