Green Urbane

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Public-Private Partnership Funding Company Dubai, UAE

Green Urbane is a fundraising consulting firm based in Dubai, UAE. We offer public-private partnership (PPP) funding and support to companies in the UAE. Our vast network and market standing enable us to help our clients in the acquisition of existing infrastructure, real estate, and other corporate entities. The consultants at Green Urbane support clients in selecting and deploying the right strategies to meet business objectives. We aim to empower our clients and provide a disruption-free merger and acquisition experience.

If you are a company in the UAE looking for PPP funding, Green Urbane can help you secure the financing you need. We have a wide network of relationships with private equity firms, banks, and other investors, and can help you structure a deal that is attractive to potential funders. Contact us today to learn more about our PPP fundraising services.

جمع الأموال ودعم صفقات الاندماج والاستحواذ عبر جميع القطاعات

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